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Given the theme of much of my professional work so far, one scholar commented that I am a ‘one-man wrecking crew’ against theism/Christianity. That is not my intent. It just so happens that there is a lot of work in this field that needs critiquing, and there are good arguments for naturalistic and also supernaturalistic alternatives that have not yet been made. Also, my focus on these topics is actually a mark of respect toward the religious. Unlike many of my colleagues, I do not just ignore or dismiss religious claims, without thought or explanation. I engage with them head-on.

An article on Jesus’ non-existence accepted by a major academic publisher - 2016

An article on a problematic method used by Jesus historicists - Expected 2019

An article presenting a serious challenge to theism - Expected 2015

An article on pantheisms - Expected 2015 (L&A)

Another article on panentheism as an alternative to theism - Expected early 2015 (SJ)

Questioning the Plausibility of Jesus Ahistoricity Theories — A Brief Pseudo-Bayesian Metacritique of the Sources - Apr 2015

A Superscientific Definition of ‘Religion’ and a Clarification of Richard Dawkins’ New Atheism - Mar 2015

An article on Jesus agnosticism/mythicism - Expected very soon (L&A)

A Philosophical and Historical Analysis of William Lane Craig’s Resurrection of Jesus Argument - Dec 2014

The Attractiveness of Panentheism—a Reply to Benedikt Paul Göcke - Sep 2014

New Theologians, New Atheists, and Public Engagement - Jun 2013

Bayesian Reasoning: Criticising the ‘Criteria of Authenticity’ and Calling for a Review of Biblical Criticism - May 2013

Is There a Christian Agenda Behind Religious Studies Departments? - Jan 2013

Jesus Scepticism: An Examination of the Arguments for Various ‘Jesus as a Myth’ Theories (Master’s thesis) - Dec 2012


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